Every business’ needs are unique, and A Service is prepared to
meet these needs by providing a broad spectrum of services.
These services include maintenance, installation, and problem
solving for a wide variety of systems and equipment. Thanks to our
structure as an off-site maintenance department, we can perform
these services cost effectively.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you have a piece of
industrial equipment that doesn’t work, we can fix it. If it doesn’t
meet OSHA code, we can bring it up to standard. If it doesn’t work
the way that you want it to, we can change it to meet your needs.

“If we can’t fix it, it wasn’t broken in the first place!”

We Service:
· Conveyors of all types · Warehouse Lighting
· Electrical Control Systems · Generators
· Parking Lot Lighting · Motors
· Mills and shredders · Pumps of all types
· Material Handling Systems · Dock Levelers
· Production Machinery · Scissor Lifts